Winter Wonderland visitors fuming as event charges £7 for a potato and £10 for hotdogs

Christmas fans enjoying trips to Winter Wonderland have slammed exorbitant prices on snacks inside the park as the cost of living crisis rages on.

The event is back in London’s Hyde Park and expected to attract thousands of visitors over the coming weeks before December 25.

However some have revealed they are unhappy at some of the prices after it was found everyday items such as hotdogs cost £10.50, fish and chips £14, £8 for candy floss and £7 for a potato.

One fan said: “Getting tickets for Winter Wonderland for my mam and sister visiting at the end of the month and…what a ludicrously expensive ordeal.

“I’m amazed they’re letting you breathe without having to buy a ticket.”

Another added: “My friends want to go to winter wonderland and it is scary how expensive it’s gotten since I went in 2014, I don’t even want to go now,” the Sun Online reported.

Earlier this week a reporter from My London visited the popular attraction and saw if she could buy a hot drink, sweet treat, souvenir, hot food and a ride for £20.

Jessica Battison wrote: “I believe they are essential for a proper visit.

“That is a visit not including alcohol. If you’re wanting to enjoy a drink or two then that’s when you’re going to really spend.

“The average pint this year is priced at £6 and mulled wine around £5.40, so if you’re on a budget you’re going to have to miss out elsewhere.

“For me, on my solo day time trip, hot food, an attraction and some sweet bits were essential – something to remember, things to fill up on and feel all wintery as well as something to actually have fun on.

“I didn’t think this year it would be possible to enjoy a decent experience at Winter Wonderland for £20.

“Sure I’ve had to make a few exceptions – I would have loved a proper big bratwurst or to feel the adrenaline of a big roller coaster – but on a budget, it’s a success.

“I honestly think Winter Wonderland is as expensive as you want it to be.

“You could go on a cheaper ride or game, or you could splash out and go ice skating and ride The Wheel and watch a show.

“You could snack on the Lidl pigs in blankets, or you could enjoy a feast in the Bavarian Village or just eat a big meal before you.

“But the main thing is, it is possible to have a good time there for just £20 or less.”